Thursday, February 12, 2009

a valentine's treat!

I have been thinking a lot about Valentine's Day and how to make it special this year. I am in a place where I am so sick of decorating for holidays way in advance, putting up Valentine's paraphernalia weeks in advance. I want to get back to a simple way of doing things, a simple way of celebrating these fun and special holidays. As I was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 one evening, I noticed that she put her kids to bed the night before Valentine's Day and then started putting up a few cute decorations... she hung little hearts from the kitchen chandelier, she put together Valentine "backpacks" for the kids and hung them on their high chairs... all for them to wake up to and find! I thought that was such a cute idea, making a small holiday even more special by putting up the decorations for only the one day. I just love this idea, and am going to do the same for Andrew this year. Although we will be in limbo on Saturday because of moving, I am still going to set up a little Valentine's area that he will be able to wake up to. And I found these adorable "heart" brownies- what a cute and effective way of making an ordinary thing much more special. So this Saturday, break out the heart shaped cookie cutters, make toast, sandwiches, cheese slices, whatever... into little hearts! And wrap up some super special little gifts for the ones you love. nothing big and over the top, just sweet, simple, and utterly special. :)
I am sorry for the lack of blog posts, but moving has got the better of me lately! I promise I will be back to normal very soon! xo!


mysteryhistorymom said...

I LOVE this, Holly! I will do the same thing on Saturday.:) I have decorated a bit for the day already, but I love the idea of making the "little" things so special, too!:) Lori

smilemonsters said...

I think that's what V day should be all about. Something simple and from the heart. Have fun.

Jo :)

little wash wash said...

I too watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and love her idea. Love the idea of hiding little clues around the house and getting a present at the end. Good luck in moving!!

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