Thursday, February 26, 2009

do a little benefit shopping.

The Cora Paige Benefit is still going strong on Etsy. Julie's generous idea has sparked over 150 Etsy shops to list items for this amazing cause. So far, over $5600 has been raised from just these shops! WOW! I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful and inspiring project. So go do a little bit of shopping... along with buying some fabulous items, you will be honoring a very loved little girl. :) Here are some jewelry that are topping my favorites list at the moment...
"lucky mom" necklace from cynthiagarrett - is that the cutest?!
These gorgeous earrings from stellajade. She makes amazing jewelry- and I can personally vouch for her! I won a giveaway featuring a necklace she made and I loveeeeeee it. :)

necklace by bellabuttondesigns


Polka Dot Moon said...

I've been shopping!! I just bought a butterfly bracelet from stellajade :)

Isn't it amazing how many have come together for this wonderful benefit :)

Sarah said...

This has been such a wonderful benefit!
I still can't wrap my mind around how many people are involved and how many are buying to help support the building of the playground. Amazing!

Thanks for highlighting my earrings for Cora!

Sara said...

I am going shopping RIGHT NOW!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful!!! So great!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Holly; What beautiful jewelry, and such a wonderful cause, how great everyone is to help out, and to raise such a fabulous amount. I have been by your shop and I am finding some really great goodies, so I think I am about ready to use my gift card...... yeaaaaaa will let you know when.


Beth said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! I am going to go chck out what else is up for sale!
I am hosting a childrens swap if your interested :)

Kari said...

That benefit is such an amazing thing!

The butterfly necklace is so pretty, I really love that.

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