Friday, February 6, 2009

first loose tooth! :)

LOL. I had to post that cute note- not from my child, but I saw it on google hehe.

BUT, we do have our first loose tooth! Andrew was quite worried the other day when he realized that he had a wobbly tooth. Then there were tears at the thought of actually losing it. I think he was scared all of his teeth were going to fall out, never to return. I get it though, it is a scary thing to happen when you don't understand it haha! But after a little explanation, and some real assurance that the tooth WILL come back, Andrew is ok with it. He keeps wiggling his tooth and is talking about how he needs me to make him a tooth fairy pillow. :)

I was a little shocked at how early the tooth thing is happening, since Andrew is only 4 and a half. But after a little research, we learned the earlier you get your teeth as a baby, the earlier they are going to fall out. Andrew started teething around 4 months and got one tooth after another so darn quickly!

How about you all?! How early were those teeth coming in or falling out for your kiddos?! Any cute stories? I am keeping a close eye on Andrew's tooth, since I am afraid it will fall out and he won't notice it hehe. :) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend... we are enjoying lots of rain this weekend, so I am a happy camper!! xoxox


Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay for Andrew! I get really creeped out when my little students show me their wiggly teeth...but maybe it will be different with my own Allikaye!
That is exciting for you both!! Wiggle away!

little wash wash said...

I am curious what the "going rate" for the tooth fairy are these days? I don't have to worry yet about it but I heard the tooth fairy is quit pricey!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Yay Andrew!!
4 months old - YIKES!!! Seems like we've been teething for the past 4 months and have 2 bottom teeth.
I love the notes and asked the tooth fairy to leave it for me to put in his scrapbook ;)

Anonymous said...

Andrew needs one of my Tooth Fairy Doors!!!

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