Saturday, January 31, 2009


So the garage sale today was an enormous success! It was a warm, sunny day, we had a huge turnout, and sold just about everything :) Yay!! Aside from getting a tad bit sunburned and being utterly exhausted, I feel like we got so much accomplished today and we can go forward with our move without feeling bogged down with extra stuff. Now it is time to take a hot shower, get cozy and turn on a good movie!!
...and PS.
Here are a couple things I learned about Andrew today:
He doesn't like "weird faces" on his stuffed animals. He tossed a bunch of his cute little stuffed animals in the garage sale pile because, and I quote him... "He's nice, but I don't like his weird face." Hmm. :) I wonder where he gets that??? (I too am SO weird about faces.)
He is not a girl. I should never again push toys on him that I loved when I was little. Dollhouses with tiny animal creatures that you can dress up and "play house" with... no. He got rid of those as quickly as he could. And our "play kitchen" also was not hard to pry away from him. I believe he has played with it about three times in his life, and he was so very happy when he saw a little girl dive in to play with it today. Note to self: don't spend money on stuff like this!! I understand now that my son is a child that we should strictly get "cool, awesome" guy things for. Boo, no more playing "Calico Critters" for me! :)
and 3.
The child can throw a mean dart!! He saw the magnetic dart board in my aunt's garage and was officially obsessed. :)
Hope everyone is enjoying a happy weekend, xo!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Holly; I am glad to hear that the garage sale went well. I just came from your Moms, I know I am so late getting my visiting done. lol
I am so sadden to read about your friends darling little girl. I will be sending up prayers every day. My the Lord shower blessings on her and heal her.


Jamie said...

So glad it went well...doesn't it feel great to de-clutter! I'm excited for you all and your move :-)

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