Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Garage Sale... take a peek!! :)

Welcome to my Blog Garage Sale!! :) If you see something you would like to purchase, email me at and I will send an invoice to you via PayPal. Shipping costs will be included in everything, so the price is one set amount. First one to email me about an item gets priority and I will update my blog as soon as things sell so you will know what's still available! :) And be sure to visit Lottie Lou Design as well, because she has some fabulous things for sale as well!! Thank you for looking!! xo!
Pair of cherub sculpture-ettes - $20

Sweet green birdie - $5 (SOLD)

Beautiful golden crown - $9 (SOLD)

Scrapbook grab bag (lots of great supplies!) - $4 (SOLD)

Lots of letter stickers - $3 (SOLD)

Small stack of (approx) 5inch square fabrics! Perfect for a patchwork quilt or several small projects! There is around 100 squares in this stack - $11

Large stack of hundreds of 5 inch squares- perfect for a patchwork quilt, or several small projects.. tons of different prints! - $16 (SOLD)

Red prints, around 7 yards or so! - $15 (SOLD)

Light aqua green fairy frost, two different prints, 1 1/2 yards each. Three total yards - $10

The following are all fabric grab bags, with lots of scraps, small yardage, all in different prints! Each fabric grab bag has lots of different things in it, and each grab bag is $11. In your email, please tell me which color you would like! :)
Brights #1- Fabric Grab Bag! All fun, bright prints! - $11 (SOLD)

Blues - Fabric Grab Bag! All various blue prints! - $11 (SOLD)

Burgandy and Earth Tones - Fabric Grab Bag! - $11

Pinks! Fabric Grab Bag - $11 (SOLD)

Brights #2! Fabric Grab Bag - $11 (SOLD)

**Remember to email me at if you would like to purchase something and I will email you an invoice via PayPal! :) Thanks so much!! xo!


Shawnee said...

boo hoo, I was too late for the red prints!!!

What a fun idea.

Lotta said...

What a great idea!

Jamie said...

Oh man, Saturday was totally crazy and I didn't get to stop by...that bird is too cute! What a great idea though...hmmm, I've got so much to get rid of, hehe. Glad you got some stuff sold Holly :-)

Beth said...

Oh, I came too late! You had some very wonderful stuff listed! That was a great idea!

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh I am so happy you ran with this idea!! How fab! And check out those sweet angels! and crown and fabric...OH MY!

xo Molly

Amy said...

What a great idea!! I had thought of doing something similar on my blog, but wasn't sure how it would be received.

Great blog!

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