Monday, January 5, 2009

resolutions and a quiet january! :)

Here I am, I haven't fallen off the blog planet!! I have been so enjoying the quietness of January, not having to stress about Christmas presents, wrapping, baking, etc! While December and Christmas in general were very festive and fun, I am really glad to welcome in this calm month. No school to worry about at the moment, all the time in the world to work on projects and spend time exploring outside with little Andrew. And of course, he is enjoying the quiet as well, spending lots of time with his "teenage mutant ninja turtles," which are his toy of choice at the moment... he is also getting crafty with all of our recent scrapbooking store finds, as well as playing on his new felt board that my mom made him! Happily playing is when Andrew is happiest, and I am glad we are having the chance to indulge ourselves in these activities these past few days.

With the new year also comes resolutions, of which I am a huge believer in. While I don't always stick with them for the long haul, I think the idea of a new year is nice to be able to welcome in new routines. Here are a few of my many resolutions....

...Exercise, eat healthy, and get my "slammin' bod," once and for all! (Isn't that always the top one?!)

...Stay organized! There is no need for extra clutter around!

...Get myself and Andrew outside as much as possible. So far this has proved to be a successful resolution for me this year. Andrew and I are hiking and taking walks in new areas, and he is much calmer when he can burn off energy outside! What child isn't?! :)

...Use up my HUGE fabric stash... it is getting to the point of scary, so I better do something about that now! Hopefully projects to come will be featured right here on my blog :)

...Don't sign up for TOO many swaps, hehe!!

...Don't spend unnecessary money! Think about all of those silly little purchases.. I don't want to bring things into my house that I don't really need. Save, save, save!

...No more library fines! Sometimes I can be bad about that... there is a reason why libraries are free, and I should try to keep it that way haha!

...Make my Etsy shop a top priority!! I am so happy with the progress and success of my Etsy shop in the past few months, and I want to keep up the momentum! :)

OK, so what are some of YOUR resolutions this year?? Do you make them?? Do you stick with them? I am always so curious to hear about them!! Hope everyone is enjoying the new year.. xo!


Beth said...

what a nice, practical list of resoultions! Thanks for signing up for my childrens swap- even though I see one of your resolutions is not to join to many, hehe!

Wendy Miracle said...

I love the resolutions! I think I'll just copy them and take them!! :) boo-yah!

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