Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blog garage sale! :)

An idea was sparked a few days ago... a lovely blog friend, Molly from Fleur de Bee, suggested that I post some of the things I am selling at my garage sale to see if anyone in blog-land is interested. My garage sale here is on the 31st, so I figured, why not post a few cute things here to see if anything can find a new home with one of you! I also want to invite anyone else to participate too... January is such a nice time to get rid of the things that are superfluous in our homes. So if you would like to post some things in this "virtual" blog-garage-sale, let me know and I will add a link to your blog on January 23rd. (Make sure you post some cute things, nothing crappy- this is more of a tag sale sort of deal, not a way to send away your junk! Just leave me a comment here if you want to participate- make sure you leave me your blog and email address so I can get a hold of you!)

I will be posting my things on January 23rd and then leaving them up until the 25th. If they don't sell, no big deal, I will just sell them at the real garage sale haha!! I will just give you all a heads up on what I am needing to get rid of and you can decide whether it would work in your own house! We are looking to move to a more central area of San Diego very soon, and into a smaller house, so I need to get my possessions down to a minimum!! :)

Here are some of the things you will find at my blog garage sale:

*FABRIC! Lots and lots of fabric... fabric grab bags, yardage, etc! I've got a lot of cute fabrics to get rid of because of space issues and I know all of you crafty girls will love it!

*Scrapbooking supplies, paper, etc!

*Crafting supplies

*Decor accessories (Lots of different cute things to adorn your house!)

*etc, etc, etc!

I will be posting photos and prices on each item, and if you are interested in buying anything, you will email me and I will send an invoice via PayPal. Shipping costs will be included in everything, so the price is one set amount. First ones to email me about an item get priority and I will update my blog as soon as things sell so you will know what's still available! :) I think it will be fun, and hopefully some things get sold this weekend!

Feel free to post the button on your blogs and share it with your friends. And remember to let me know your email address and blog address if you want to participate and post your own garage sale finds this Friday!! :)

Who likes the Miley Cyrus song on my blog???? LOL.... I feel like such a freak listening to that song, but it is so darn catchy hehe!!


Garrett Family said...


I'm probably not going to be able to make it on Saturday since Escondido is pretty far from where I'm at in San Diego but I love this idea of selling on your blog. I will be watching for items! Thanks! Diana

Julie said...

I love it! What an amazing idea. So much better than dealing with stinky Ebay. I can't wait to come back and see what you are posting. I see my Paypal fund getting smaller very soon.

little wash wash said...

wow! Such a good idea!! I LOVE garaging in the spring/summer. Can't wait to see what you have!!

Lee Laurie said...


I can't wait to see what you have for sale. I might even sell a few things too. I will let you know. Come by my blog and see today's post. I tagged you.

Lee Laurie

Jamie said...

What a fun idea...I love it! And I'll definitely be back to see what you've got in store. I've got a new fabric addiction, even though you know I can't really sew yet, hehe. And of course scrapbooking stuff...oh I'm in heaven. Is there a time on the post?

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; I hope you have great luck with your sale. I wish I had something to put up, but I have cleaned out my house last summer. So it is all gone darn it....

I have an award for you too so stop by and pick it up... Have a great week.


Polka Dot Moon said...

What a great idea!!!! I hope you sell all of your goods!

Nikole said...

Hey! I have been hearing about the preparation for this giant sale! Good luck! that's a great idea since my neighborhood won't allow garage sales! But no one comes to my blog and I haven't updated it since nov! But if you now anyoen who wants to buy a never been use, still inteh box burberry bag let me know! Oh, and Miley is great! Don't be ashamed, she has quite a few great songs! So does Demi Lovato... lol. yes I watch the Disney Channel.. XoXo.. hope to see you soon!

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