Sunday, July 13, 2008

my "cuckoo" obsession!

I loveeeeeeee cuckoo clocks.
My grandma has had one in her house for a long time and I was always so fascinated when every hour, on the hour, the bells would ring and the little birdie would pop out to greet me! It seems like such a magical thing, and I have always loved them.
I came across an article somewhere (And forgive me, I can't remember what magazine!) where they took vintage cuckoo clocks, the not-so-pretty ones, and spray painted them all one color. So you could still have the ornate clock, but without the wood and primary color decoration! Monochromatic cuckoo clocks, who knew?!
And I am officially obsessed.

I did a google search for cuckoo clocks and actually found a lot of images, even a few that have a "modern" spin!

From Etsy, a very chic take on a very old-fashioned idea. I actually have a clock by decoylab, and LOVE it. Given to me for Mother's Day by Andrew and his dad, it is still sitting on my desk awaiting a proper home! :)

Ah! How awesome! A perfect example of the "monochromatic" clock I saw created in some magazine. :)

And another! Pink! Maybe I should have saved this one for next week's Pink Saturday??? ;)

And a truly magical little "room"... capturing the essence of the clock!

Now it is off to the pool to enjoy a lazy little afternoon while Andrew is with his dad. It is so nice to have one day off from the little broken-leg patient! Now I will be all refreshed to hang out with him all week again. :)

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! xo!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Great photos! I like cuckoo clocks too! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

*jimaie.marie* said...

Oh YUM! that makes me want to start a new collection--cuckoo clocks!!! those are ridiculously cute!
Remember me is the Only i have left to read of Sophie Kinsellas books as well! I'm kinda apprehensive to start it tho, that will mean I'm done!! I did see another book that she wrote under her real name and not her pen name! I have to pick those up too :D

Yay for our shared love of school supplies! what is it about them anyway? *love*

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how cool! I always loved my grandma's cuckoo clock! I especially like the lime green one!

cherry Tree Lane said...

How fun! I think you DO need the pink one!

Beverly said...

OMG Holly, these are amazing. I love them all. And, a pink cuckoo clock!!!

Holly, I tagged you (sorry). And, I see that Michelle has given you the same tag. Feel free to combine the two.

Beverly said...

Oops, sorry. I was wrong. Michelle tagged your mom.

Britt said...

hi holly! i was coming to tag you as well, but beverly beat me to it! LOL! like she said, feel free to combine. i like the clocks, especially the one in the little room at the bottom.
enjoy your "time-off"

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ok, this reminds me of my childhood. My grandma always had those clocks! Lovely inspiration and blast from the past!!!

Going cuckoo for your cuckoo clocks!


Neutral Dwelling said...

Those colors really give them a modern edge!

Christine said...

oh so cool... I love cuckoo clocks. I can't believe you found such cool ones, i love the green one.

Hope you had an amazing day at the pool...

Peace Out, hehe, xo Chris

Shannon said...

There is something about a cuckoo clock that is so charming! My grandparents have one and it is so neat. Enjoying your pink pictues!

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