Friday, July 5, 2013

six months old!

Declan, you are half a year old!!! 
Six months already?!  Time has seriously flown by.  It makes me teary eyed just to think of how fast you are growing and how quickly time really passes when you are little.  You have grown so much since you were born, changed in so many ways, and developed into a little person with his own hilarious personality.  That smile of yours {just like your momma with your mouth wide open with happiness!} is amazingly adorable.  You laugh wholeheartedly at so many things.  You love to be tickled, you love your jumper, and you are starting to love to splash around in the bathtub as well.  {Finally!} You can be completely distracted with your toys, or my cell phone covered in rhinestones- whichever is closer. :)  You babble and talk all day, repeatedly saying "ma-ma-ma" whenever you need something- a bottle, food, or someone to snuggle.  Not sure if you know what it means yet, but it sure makes my heart melt!  You think Dad is so wonderful, and when he walks in after work, you can't take your eyes off him.  Sometimes you need a break from me, and Dad is always there to swoop in and play. :)  Your brother is so in love with you, helping out wherever he can.  You laugh at him all the time, even when he isn't doing anything at all. :)
You love to eat, gobbling down oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, peaches, prunes, and the favorite of all, green beans! :)  You are getting so much chubbier, and I can't wait to see how much you have grown these past two months at your next doctor's visit. {Monday!}  You sleep through the night soundly, but we do need to get you in your crib, once and for all.  You like to nap there occasionally, but still love sleeping in our room at night.  That's our next big hurdle, my dear boy.  I hate that you won't be at arm's length anymore, but it is time for you to love that cozy crib of yours as well. We also are working on you and the swimming pool.  So far, you think it is mildly  interesting, but haven't fully given in to the fun of the pool just yet. 
These past six months have changed our lives in ways we couldn't imagine.  We are a happy family and we feel so complete knowing that you are part of our puzzle.  You might be small, but you have made a very large impact on all our lives and we couldn't imagine a single moment without you.
I love you, Declan Eugene! :) Happy half birthday!
 Love, Mom

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The Four on Board said...

I love that you blogged! I think I am going to right now too!!! Thanks for the props with blog lovin! I have been getting used to the app for awhile and I am liking it now!

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