Monday, July 15, 2013

Meal Plan Monday: no. 1

amazing meal planning calendars found here!
Here at my house, we are so disorganized when it comes to planning our dinners.  Both my husband and I will run to the store for a few things in an effort to get dinner made, and we rarely go big-time grocery shopping.  That gets hard with two kids and a house to run.  Yikes!  SO, I decided to get organized and start meal planning.  Last week, I took both boys with me grocery shopping.  Two and a half hours, one bottle, one diaper change, a few freebies at Costco, and four stores later, we had everything we needed for more than a week at least.  So I wanted to start sharing my meal plans each week with you all.  Maybe we can start getting dinner ideas from each other?!  You never know!  I can always use some fresh ideas when it comes to cooking. :)  Here's what our week looks like:
French Dip, Potatoes & Salad
Hot Dogs & Macaroni and Cheese
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Rolls, Salad
Black Bean Quesadillas & Corn Casserole
Breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs
Salsa Chicken & Refried Beans
Buffet Night AKA Leftovers :)
I do want to share my recipes for Salsa Chicken and the Black Bean Quesadillas- both of which are frequent dinners at our house.  So easy, too! :) 
What will you be eating this week?  What recipes would you like to share?  Quick kitchen tips to keep your family organized?! :)  I'd love to hear from you!


Kelly Carling said...

I just did my meal plans too! I also make frequent trips to the store as I like to make sure the meat and seafood are super fresh. We do have a full CSA farm share and have plenty of veggies from that. Here's our week:

Monday: Spinach and wild Alaskan smoked salmon salad with herby ranch dressing, feta and grape tomatoes
Tuesday: Grilled lemon pepper scallops with sauteed baby portabello mushrooms and green beans
Wednesday: Beef stew with meat from our side of beef from Laurel Ridge Farm
Thursday: Grass-fed hamburgers with carmelized onions, avocado and pepper jack cheese
Friday: Buffet night or go out =)

Sassy Lemonade said...

This makes me want to plan out meals.

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