Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Homemade Baby Food

I made my first attempt at baby food making a couple days ago, and am thrilled with the results!  So far, I have only made carrots since it is what I had on hand.  Plus, it's a food that Declan likes and reacts well to.  Next on my list is peas, another favorite of his.
My questions to you all...
Have you made homemade baby food?  What are some easy foods to try to puree?  Any books you have liked on the topic?  I am wanting to expand my horizons here, so any tips would be so helpful.
Also, do you freeze the baby food?  What containers do you freeze in?  I read about freezing baby food in ice cube trays, but am hesitant to try something without a lid.  Suggestions, please! :)
Off to make some cookies now for the other boys in my household!! :)

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