Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seven months.

Happy seven months, little Declan!
You sure are giving us a run for our money this month, little man.  Declan has decided he doesn't like to sleep anymore.  His schedule is a mess and he doesn't like to fall asleep on his own.  He prefers the cozy shoulder of mommy. :)  {Which I have to say is lovely, but also frustrating sometimes in the wee hours of the morning!!}

He is around 18 pounds now, and growing like crazy.  He has two little teeth on the bottom and eats so well.  He hates the homemade baby food I made for though, and starts gagging it up as soon as I feed it to him.  AH!  Little stinker.  He loves Gerber though, so store bought it is. :)

Dad and big brother Andrew make this baby laugh so much.  He loves them dearly and is always so happy when he can play with either one of them. :)  I am the one who is the comforter, the putter to bed, the shoulder to snooze on, the one who can calm him down no matter what.  That makes me feel so loved, and I adore his little head on my shoulder. I just need to be strong and make him put himself to sleep!  

Declan has started to love when I read him books, certain ones getting more laughs than others.  Like his brother, he is a big fan of the cute books by Sandra Boynton.  We have been to the beach quite a bit this past month and he loves it.  Anytime we are outside, this baby is quite happy!!! :)  He loves walks and is trying to determine how he likes the pool.  We are working on it! 

We also took Declan to his first zoo this month!  The Orange County Zoo is tiny and adorable, so we ventured out there one cool afternoon and he loved seeing some of the animals.  Of course, he loved hanging out with his big brother there as well.  Not sure which was the bigger draw?! :)

We love you, little boy!  Can't believe seven months has already flown by!

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