Monday, July 9, 2012

a fast & simple project!


I came across this photo on Pinterest today- not sure of it's original source, but I think it is a company that sells these signs.  It got me to thinking- HOW cute is this idea?

All you'd have to do is glue wooden letters that you can easily buy at any craft store for cheap onto a canvas, again from a craft store.  Or you could even glue it to a piece of plywood you can grab at the hardware store.  Really anything you can think of would work, in any size you might need.  Glue those letters on where you want them, and then spray paint the entire thing in ONE flat color.  {Who doesn't love a little spray paint, anyways?!} 

This is such a gorgeous idea, and so effetive!  Now the wheels are turning for my own house- where can I hang one of these???!!! :)

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