Friday, August 19, 2011

learn, listen, laugh.


We have been back to school for just about three weeks.
I simply can't believe time flies by so quickly!
But at the same time, it was nice to get the back-to-school rush out of the way before the crowds hit the stores. Back to school is always such a fun time though, busy or not, and I always loved it when I was little, too. There is something about sharpened pencils, lined paper and picking out a new backpack that is totally magical. {Or is that just me?!}

Having a small child makes back to school even more magical, too. I think it is so extra special to make this time of year special, even if your kids aren't all too jazzed to start up the school routine again. {cough, cough, Andrew, cough, cough!} But throwing in some extra effort helps.. baking a batch of their favorite cookies, adding a cute note in the lunchboxes, sending favors to school, all these make this transition time back into school much nicer. Don't you think?
Here are some of my favorite ideas...






And of course, I leave you with a fun printable that you can cut out & tuck in your child's lunchbox any day. Learn, listen, and LAUGH. School has to be fun, too..right?! :)
Just right click the photo, save it to your computer, print it out on cardstock, and cut out. Easy peasy and fun to add in to make the day more special.

Happy back to school!

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Jean said...

Very cute post. Yes, it's back to school. For me it means I dont get to see the grandkids much.

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