Thursday, March 17, 2011

let's do our part!

Picnik collage

The news coverage about Japan is making me so extremely sad.
I feel like there is so much to do there, and so much help to give,
yet I am feeling a little helpless myself.

So I am going to do my small part to help in whatever way I can!
That is why you will find brand new Easter greeting cards in the shop...
all proceeds will benefit Red Cross in the earthquake relief!!

z 823

These fun little bunnies are hopping in to help as well!
Again, all the proceeds to these listings will go straight to the Red Cross
to help out in the little way I can.

Please do a little benefit shopping...
we can all do a little something
that might add up to a big something in the end. :)
My little donation through these orders may give
a little more hope
to all of those people who are suffering,
and I am feeling pretty good about that.
We are so very fortunate, so it's nice to give what we can.

is faith
holding out its hand
in the dark.

~George Iles


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