Thursday, February 24, 2011

a change of plans.

The inspiration post will have to wait until next Thursday.
There was a slight change of plans as of yesterday evening.

Andrew got his first set of stitches!!
He was riding his bike in the neighborhood and crashed into a palm tree.
Sounds not-so-bad?
the sharp pointy palm tree leaves seriously sliced into Andrew's cheek!!
Enough that an urgent trip to the emergency room was in order!
So off we went...
Picnik collage
Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!
This had to hurt.
Poor little Andrew was so brave,
and sat for hours in the emergency room
waiting for someone to stitch him up.

2011-02-23 19.03.31
Eventually someone came to the rescue!

2011-02-23 19.04.25
Andrew thought he was going to be fully put to sleep for the procedure,
so he was shocked when he learned this was an awake sort of thing. :)
He did wonderfully though, so so brave!!!

And seven blue stitches later....
2011-02-23 19.19.03 is my little boy!!
His new nickname is "Stitch."
I've been using it, and he thinks it is quite funny.
He is in no pain, on some antibiotics to curb any infections,
and is in very happy spirits that he gets a few days off from school.
His only concern is looking in the mirror.
That is not jazzed about.
We will avoid all mirrors for a while... :)

We told Andrew to tell his friends that a werewolf attacked him.
The palm tree story is cute,
but the wound looks pretty animal-like to me.

So I hope everyone else is staying well and not enduring any ER trips.
We will be safely relaxing today, no crazy palm tree bike rides for us.
Happy Thursday!!


Pink Princess said...

POOR brave Andrew, and POOR worried mom ♥

Hugs to you from Marian

Polka Dot Moon said...


He looks very brave! And I love the "werewolf" story! Cute! Those palm trees are nasty.....and so are Cactus' but that's another story!

Glad he's okay!

My next door neighbors (2 boys) have had quite a few stitches and the boys were worried about the scars. Their Uncle told them "boys don't worry...."chicks dig scars" ;)

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