Monday, December 29, 2008

christmas photos! :)

I am wrapping up my Christmas posts with all of my favorite photos from the past few days. We had such a blessed and festive Christmas and I hope you all did as well! :)

We were frantically wrapping presents on Christmas Eve after Andrew went to bed... Santa was running late this year haha!! They all turned out magical and cute, but remind me next year to wrap things as I buy to make them!! I need to spare myself the hurried frenzy haha!!
The tree! Looks so magical at night, doesn't it? There is something so perfect about twinkle lights...
The family at Hotel Del Coronado, one of the most beautiful places around the holidays. The entire hotel is covered in white lights, and they set up an ice skating rink right by the ocean.

And so of course, my sister, cousin and I had to try out the ice skating for a bit.... SO much fun, and to top it off, it was super chilly! (Such a rarity for us here in Southern California hehe!)

And of course, on Christmas morning, Andrew was SO excited to see all of Santa's gifts!! What a classic picture! :)

And it was absolutely fabulous to have our family around for the holidays. Here is myself, my sister and my cousin Kylee! We needed lots of photos together, of course, hehe!!
I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic holiday like we did!!
Stay tuned for my 200th post soon! Giveaways galore, yay! ;)


Priscila said...

oh my gosh u are sooo cute! I love hotel del! Thats one of my favorite places to go in the summer to ride bikes and get ice cream in the summer! Its really fun

forgetfulone said...

Love your tree! Everything looks magical.

Beverly said...

Holly, it sure looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I love that picture of Andrew.

Wishes to you for a great new year.

ReFabulous said...

You always post the loveliest photos! What a blessed mommy you are.... I wish you and your sweet family a happy and healthy new year!

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