Wednesday, December 10, 2008

christmas cards and a tutorial! :)

I was stressing about the holiday photo this year, waiting for a day when both Andrew and I looked "picture-worthy"... but I ended up deciding on a very impromtu picture we took a few months back. I turned it into a black-and-white, and voila! Christmas photo done! I am in the process of glittering the actual cards, so when I've got the whole thing done I'll be sure to snap a picture!! :)

Also, one of my Christmas gifts for Andrew is all done! My sister is always making those wonderful fleece "no-sew" blankets, and Andrew adores them. I had bought fleece months ago to make him a new one, but completely forgot about it until I discovered it in the fabric closet! So, I sat down, turned on one of the many Gossip Girl episodes I've got DVR'ed and I started no-sewing, haha!
*If you want to make your own "cozy blanket" (as we call them around here!) here is a simple tutorial for you. They are the perfect gift for anyone on your list.. and so cute in any fleece fabric! :) The blanket I made is in the wash before I get it wrapped up, but I'll be sure to share photos!!

What are you all making for Christmas gifts?? Any other cute ideas for kids gifts this year? I am trying to make all of my gifts, and I am loving it!! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, I know I am!! xo!


Princess Of Pink said...

Lovely picture :)

Rosina said...

I'm making my daughter a mouse house *grin*. She saw one on in a department store and has been begging for it ever since :) I just wanted to let you know that I have mailed out both of my Christmas book swap packages. They are on their way across the border as we speak *grin*. The kids are super excited to see what we get in return :) Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jamie said...

Oh how I love the "no sew" blankets...they are so fun to make and the kiddos love them! I'm trying to make a bunch of stuff too but time is ticking and I'm getting anxious that it's not going to get done. I haven't even made my Christmas cards yet either....ahhhh! I'm going to make the girls polymer clay ornaments this year and I'll be sure to post pics too.

I just blogged about one of our swap boxes we received. We got ours sent out yesterday...we love to procrastinate until last minute, hehe. Thanks for putting the swap together :-) Have a happy day!

zakary said...

I love that photo. That's really cute.

I'm crafting challenged, which is why etsy and I are such good friends. :)

Nerissa Alford said...

Your picture is so cute. I can't wait to see your card :)

Tonya said...

That is a great picture of you two! Love the black and white.

I am making Samuel a little Pirate Doll with monkey and treasure chest from It is really cute.

Lisajoy Marinello said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Me, Mrs. No-Craft Marinello, is going to make these for the kids for Christmas. Seriously, how hard can they be?Now that I say that, I'm not technically Mrs. No-Craft. I
love the ideas and the concepts, I just never find the time
to finish anything :)

It would be GREAT to get a list of easy crafts that mom's can do for their kids for Christmas. This blanket is a good example! I'm going to go fleece shopping tomorrow!!!! ha ha ha!

Any other suggestions? Remember - limited ability :)


GrammieC said...

So glad I found your blog with the blanket link. I have the fleece but was afraid to start cutting. I didn't want to make a mistake figuring it out by myself. Maybe I can make it tonight!!! Thanks again.
Grammie C

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