Sunday, December 28, 2008

amy butler apron swap!!

To those of you who might have guessed, I am hosting my very first apron swap!! I have been so into sewing lately, and these aprons are just TOO much fun to create! So I would like to open up this swap for sign ups today until January 9th! Then I will send out partners that weekend!

here are my rules for this swap!

*This will be a SECRET swap. I will forward you the info for your partner, but do NOT contact them. It is so much fun to get a surprise box in the mail from an unknown partner, and I really think this will be fun. So if you have a question for your partner, contact ME and I will get you an answer! :)

*You can make any apron pattern you would like, but the FABRIC needs to be Amy Butler! She has a huge line of cute fabrics, and they are so fresh and fun, especially for the new year upon us! You can purchase them at local quilt or fabric stores, or right on Etsy... try one of these fabulous shops: sewlovefabrics or fabricsupplies!

*This swap is for all you sewing girls out there! I want to make sure the quality for the aprons is very good, so please only sign up if you know you can sew a beautiful apron for your partner.

*In order to sign up, you need to email me at and include the filled out questionnaire below. I will email you back a confirmation as soon as possible, but if I don't receive an email from you, you aren't on my list for the swap!! SERIOUS swappers only... I don't want any flakes for this swap, because you will not be welcome in any of my future swaps if you do not come through for your partner. It is no fun to get dumped on with these swaps!!

*I will leave sign ups open until January 9th, and your apron needs to be sent by February February 6th! I will also create a separate blog that we all can use to post photos of our aprons, the fabrics, the aprons in progress, and the finished product!

*Along with your apron, please send your secret partner your favorite recipe for the winter, and a nice note to let them know who you are! :)

So if you would like to sign up, please fill this out and email it to me at !! :)

Favorite colors:
Dress size:
Willing to swap internationally:
Anything else that will be helpful to your partner (ie. your personal style, dislikes, etc!):

Thank you, and can't wait to start sewing!! xo!


Beth said...

Oh, sounds fun! I think i have to pass and catch up on all my sewing put off by Christmas!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Sign me up - I emailed you!

Jamie said...

Okay, I soooo want to sign up but soooo can't sew very well, hehe! But very cute apron swap!

So since I can't participate...I posted a little blurb about it and linked to your post to hopefully get ya some takers! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Your swaps are so fun :-)

Rosina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and I just emailed you my info :) I also posted info about your swap on my blog to hopefully send more swappers your way!

Heidi Ann said...

HI Holly, I would absolutely LOVE to be included in your Amy Butler Apron Swap!!!!! I love aprons & swaps & Amy Butler fabric so it's perfect for me!.....I will send you my information right this minute! Thanks for hosting!.....Heidi XO

Sinta said...

HI I just sent you my info for the swap/love Amy Butler/love aprons/love swaps... I have a collection of apron patterns that I haven't used yet, this will be fun. Thanks, Sinta

Beth said...

I love me a good swap, but...

I totally can't sew. At least, anything that I would pass off to someone else, and expect them to like.

I'd have to go buy one from anthropologie, and then it wouldn't be amy butler fabric, and it would make someone mad, and it wouldn't be handmade, yadda-yadda.

I'm in for the next non-sewing swap.

Carlotta said...

I signed up for your apron swap,and just sent an email. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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