Monday, June 25, 2012

total happiness = a new picnik!

I was seriously devastated when Picnik closed down a few months ago.
I used that website ALL.THE.TIME. to edit all of my photos, make cute logos and images, and I used it a ton for my work as well.  It really was a pain when it closed, and no other photo editing website came close to it, in my opinion.

However, Ribbet is now open!!!!!!
Yay!!!  They sought to completely re-make the Picnik website, and it is EXACTLY the same.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am!!!  If you have never used an editing program, here is your chance.  Ribbet is just as awesome as Picnik, seriously.

I made this fun summer collage with the new website- so cute!  Plus, you can see some of the fun summer goodies I've got in my shop.  Go peek and do a little shopping!
{And if you do, use the coupon code SUMMER10 upon checkout for 10% off your total!  I love discounts, and I love my customers!!}

1. bright and happy mix - vintage dictionary birds and yellow flowers
2. brown paper tags - funky crabs
3. vintage dictionary seahorse cutouts
4. nautical anchor cutouts - red white blue

Go play around with Ribbet now, you'll love it!
And don't forget the Mommy Holly coupon code!  You'll save a little dough, always a good thing!
Happy Monday :)

1 comment:

Garrett Family said...

Like you, I was devastated when Picnic closed and I didn't know about Ribbet - thank you so much for the referral! I checked it out and I LOVE it! Thank you!

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