Wednesday, June 1, 2011

love, boats, caterpillars, and a picnic. :)

2011-05-30 12.07.02
Memorial Day was such a relaxing day for us! We usually don't do the whole beach thing like so many people in Southern California, but we did decide to head out to a gorgeous park. My boyfriend John, Andrew, and I packed a delicious picnic and drove out to Irvine Regional Park to spend the day. :)

2011-05-30 13.45.45
Andrew was a wonderful photographer, snapping photos of John and I! :)

2011-05-30 14.10.55
Our little picnic site was on a shady little knoll right by the water's edge. A gorgeous place to sit & enjoy the day, and the perfect spot for the boys to hop over to the boats for a little cruise around the lake! :)

2011-05-30 13.42.49
We were invaded by caterpillars, which Andrew thought was fantastic. {Ok... I did, too! Those little guys are too cute!}

2011-05-30 13.47.32
Another fine photo from my short little photographer man. ;) Love!

2011-05-30 14.11.27
A beautiful day, spent with my favorite people. :)
Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day as well!


NadineC said...

Awwww...looks like you had a wonderful day with your special people! So happy for you :-)

Lindsay said...

Where do you guys live?? THAT park looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful-as always!

Anonymous said...

Oh my how Andrew is growing up ;) Long time, no 'see.' Looks like you all had a fun and relaxing day...right up my alley!

Jamie :)

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