Wednesday, May 11, 2011

office essential.

Here is another peek into my work space...

Being a stay-and-work-at-home mom,
having a calendar that is super organized helps me like crazy.
I adore my whiteboard calendar that hangs right next to my workspace in my office. It is large enough that I have plenty of space to write all over it. This is a photo of it when I re-do the calendar for the month, before I have scribbles all over the place and craziness planned for the month...
{Please ignore my huge pile of papers from Andrew's class... any other mommas have a ton of trouble throwing things away from the kid's school like me?? :) }

Having a calendar hanging on the wall like this not only helps me stay organized, but it helps Andrew when he can come in and see what the week is going to look like. He usually pencils in a few things for the month himself. :)

I found my calendar for six dollars at Walmart about six months ago... what a steal!! :) However, you can find a whole host of whiteboard calendars on Amazon here. Grab a pack of bright colored whiteboard pens to color code items on your calendar, and you are good to go! I feel like this area of my life is always organized. Thank goodness for that! :)

Off to run some birthday party errands...
come back tomorrow for my Inspiration post! :)

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