Thursday, January 20, 2011

so, what did you think?


Where are my American Idol peeps at??! :)
What did you think of the premiere last night?

Here's my take...

I love American Idol, therefore I will watch no matter who is judging.
{I *think*. Unless it was someone like Glenn Close, who I totally despise. I know that would never happen in a million years, but just had to throw it out there.}

I am not in total love with this stage of the competition, but I do love when the good singers are weeded out from the freaky people, so I will patiently endure the tryouts for a few weeks.

Steven Tyler's small eyes really scare me, but he does seem nice and he entertained me with his snazzy voice.

Randy. Dawg. Enough said.

I love J. Lo's hair. And whatever kind of lip gloss she is wearing. She is so darn pretty. I adore all her movies, so I am hopping on the J.Lo bandwagon as of now.

And what did you all think?!

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Happy day, friends!


Kari said...

I swore I wouldn't watch it without Simon. But, last night when it came on, I caved and watched it anyway. I didn't care for Steven Tyler at all! Every time he started belting out singing or drumming on the table I wanted to turn off the tv - too distracting for me. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good. There's always those one or two sad stories about the contestants that make me want to cry. I loved the boy with the twin brother whose family had lived in the shelter. He was adorable. So far, he's one I'll be rooting for.

Beth McC. said...

I liked it and I even laughed a few times! I thought JLo took over a little but other than that it was way better than I thought it would be!

Teresa said...

I totally agree. Love JLo & Randy and, although I LOVE Aerosmith, the jury is still sort of out on Steven. I am only interested in the GOOD singers you see at this stage. I don't care to see those who obviously have just shown up for their 15 seconds. But, I'll watch again tonight, so I guess that says it all. :)

Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

Im still up in the air... we will see how it goes but it wasnt as bad as I was bracing for

Gabriela Delworth said...


I also love American Idol.
The beginning is always a little boring but once the finalist singers get going it's so much fun.
I love music!

~ Gabriela ~

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