Monday, January 31, 2011

happy monday & a winner! :)


Happy Monday!

Around my house, Monday morning brings a lot of stress to my life. After the weekend and a very happy Andrew, it is back to setting an alarm, getting up to get dressed and ready for the day, feeding breakfast to a very grumpy 6 year old, and selling the idea of school to him as well. It is a constant battle to get out the door on time and get Andrew to school, of which he is not a huge fan of lately.

But... then when I come home to a quiet house, Mondays seem so peaceful to me. A cup or two of coffee greets me warmly and starts my morning off right. Then the idea that I have until 2:30 in the afternoon to calmly wrap up orders from the shop, work on new items, clean up... that makes me actually like Mondays. And then of course, when school is out, Andrew has a brand new and bright attitude and is so happy to be headed home with me.

How are your Mondays?!
Please tell me I'm not the only one that fights to get going each week! :)

And for one lucky person,
this Monday is off to a fun start as well.
The winner of the Mommy Holly giveaway from last week is....
Email me your address and I'll pop your bird notecards in the mail to you asap!

A very happy Monday to you all!

image via weheart it and altered by me.


Teresa said...

i still love you even though i didn't win your awesome giveaway. :) happy day!

Jean said...

Oh, I remember those Mondays. Now my work week starts when I fly out on Sunday evening.

Cat said...

i love mondays as well. it is a day to get the house in order after my son and hubby leave for the day!

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