Friday, February 19, 2010

to the olympians:

...I have loved spending my evenings this past week watching all of you compete.
Winter Olympics = AMAZING.
Even Andrew is now a huge fan of snowboarding, luge, and most importantly, ice skating! :)
I think the Olympics are able to provide strength, support, and pride for each country and I so appreciate that. As a mom, it's nice to have something to watch that all ages can enjoy similarly. Andrew and I have been rooting on our favorite competitors and have been snuggled up each day together watching the DVR-ed sports from the night before.
(He's got the week off from school- gotta love year round schedules at times like this!)
Here are our absolute faves
from the past few days...
To Lindsey Vonn:
You are way cool.
And so pretty!
And I love that you wear enough makeup!
And your skiing totally rocked the other night.
And I love that while I was waiting to see you come down the hill the other night, I was quite entertained by all the other hideous crashes that your competitors endured. OUCH.

To Shaun White:
You are totally awesome.
And you seem like such a nice guy with a nice smile.
You fly way higher than all the other guys in the half pipe and do cool tricks.
Andrew thinks you are the coolest.
And I love your jean-ish snowboarding pants.
And your hair is neat!
Oh yeah, and congrats on that gold medal. :)

To Evan Lysacek:
You are my fave of all faves.
You are sassy and cool and you have nice hair.
You skate like a machine.
You wear Vera Wang outfits on the ice.
(Can it get cooler than that??? haha!)
You like snakes and feathers and I appreciate the boldness of that.
Andrew and I completely LOVE you. :)

I love the Olympics.
Go U.S.A.!
xo! :)

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lavenderlizard said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves the Olympics and the Olympians! And it is so nice to share an evening of television with the children.


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