Thursday, February 25, 2010

check this out! - let's play baddies!

Andrew and I are library junkies.
We get everything there.
The library is just such an amazing resource! I know I've said it before, but I will repeat myself again: If you haven't discovered the joys of the library (checking out endless books, movies, cds, etc, etc, etc!) you are so missing out.
OK, I'll hop off my "use your local library resource" soapbox and move on. :)

You and your kids are going to crack up at this one.
is the cutest and silliest little children's story.
About two little puppies (one nice, one not-so-nice!), they decide that they don't want to "play nicely" but instead they want to "play baddies."

"Baddies don't eat doggy biscuits,"
said Butch.
"They eat table legs!"
{insert hysterical laughter from Andrew here}

EEEK! I can't stand it. This book is SO cute and funny. Check it out from your local library to save a few bucks and enjoy a good book together with your family, xo!

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Big Yellow Dog said...

I'm totally with you on using your local library. We have a huge one downtown that we love to visit. It has a big kids section and amazing story times and puppet shows. And it's FREE fun!

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