Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eight months.

Happy eight months to Declan!
{It is shocking that I got even one semi-clear photo of this child.  He refuses to sit still for even a moment.  That's why the toy is present in this one- I had to resort to bribing him a little!}

Seriously though, this child is just non stop lately.  At eight months, he is now officially a crawler!!! He gets up on those hands and knees and he is on the move!  We can't leave him alone for a second unless he is restrained somehow in a crib, jumper or swing.  The child will.not.sit.still.EVER. :)  He is into everything, especially things that he shouldn't be into.  He has a strong willed mind of his own already, and he knows what he wants. :)

Declan is eating great, still trying a variety of different foods made by Gerber. :)  He loves to drink water out of his straw cup- no sippy cups for this kid, he prefers a straw just like us older family members!  He loves to try to snag Dad's huge Starbucks cup and take swig of water out of that when he can.  
Declan continues to adore his big brother, always lighting up when Andrew walks into a room.  They are the sweetest brothers together already. :)  He is enjoying going to the park with his big brother as well, and LOVES the swings.  He just laughs and laughs when we push him.  He loves to watch the other kids at the park as well.

He can utter lots of different words, from mama, to dada, to baba... although none of them seem to be meaning anything particular to him yet.  He yells MAMA when he wants just about anything ;)  He has the most hilarious laugh and is smiling all the time.  

He is sleeping so much better, and now likes to fall asleep to the sound of a soothing little blue seahorse.  {Or more like fuss himself to sleep- we still haven't mastered the falling asleep on his own trick.}  His naps are becoming more regular, and he goes to sleep around 6pm each night.  Whew, it is nice to have an evening after he heads to sleep! :)  He loves to snuggle with a cozy blanket, and still does not what to do with a pacifier.  {Total opposite of his pacifier-obsessed brother!}

Declan now has his two bottom teeth and the top two are just barely popping through as well!  He is around 20 pounds and is getting so big.  He had his first bout with sickness this past month, and had a yucky flu and fever.  Poor guy was feeling pretty awful, but made it through just fine. :)  

He likes to throw anything we give him as far and as hard as he can.  Why not? :)  He is a little stinker sometimes, but we sure do love this little boy.  He continues to bring so much light into all of our lives.  

Happy eight months, my littlest boy!
We love you!

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