Friday, May 10, 2013


 This is the first time I am linking up to the InstaFriday party over at Life Rearranged!  So, so excited!  Hello to any new faces that I haven't met in blog-land quit yet.  I am happy to have you here!  Here's a sneak peek at my week...
{and don't forget to oogle the cute photo of my four month old.  He is such a cutie in his monthly photo!}
 My oldest son got a great hit in his last basebll game- so proud of him and his team!!! They are in the playoffs and  not out of it yet!  He plays again tomorrow, so think good thoughts for the Angels. :)
 My littlest son had his four month check-up this week.  He is doing amazing and the doctor witnessed him laughing and smiling and talking.  Declan was is such a great mood... that is, until his shots.  Bummer.  It took a good two days to get him back to his happy, normal self.  But all is well now! :)  How cute is that face, right?!
 Southern California got rain this week!  It was so, so cozy.  I am such a sucker for wet, chilly weather, and it so rarely hits us here in Orange County.  But I fully enjoyed it, and even took Declan out to the front porch to listen to the raindrops coming down.  He was totally impressed.  Totally. :)
And one more photo of this happy face.  I mean, seriously... who wouldn't want to spend their day chatting with this little bug? :)
Happy Friday, xo! 

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Heidi said...

I agree!!! I guess I too am a bit partial, but think those two boys are the most adorable grandsons ever!!!!....Love, mom XO

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