Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leaping back in! (plus, a coupon code!)

I am jumping right back into the blogging world!
I have been for SO long. Way too long. It feels good to be back. :)
And ignore the messy look of the blog right now- consider it under construction for the next few days. I am trying to get it back the way I'd like it. Bear with me. :)

With my wedding only {gasp!!} 24 days away,
things have been mildly hectic around here.
Lots of crafting, planning, ideas, etc etc etc!

I thought I would share with you some of my inspirations for the wedding I have been working so hard to create for myself and my fiance. :)
Babies Breath!
No secret that I adore babies breath. I LOVE the look of it in mass, and I think it is so ethereal and beautiful. Our colors are black, white and apple green, so the green of the stems work perfectly into my color theme. Let's just say that my bouquet may look an awful lot like this photo. ;)

Burlap and Barns!
Yes, I am getting married in a barn. Yes, there will be burlap involved in some places. :) We spent last night working on some burlap bunting to hang around the barn to decorate. So far, it is so darn cute and I just love the vintage and rustic feel of it. Of course, we need to make it a "glam" barn wedding as well, so no cowboy boots for this bride. I ordered my black glittered heels months ago. SO chic and cute. I love the juxtaposition of the rustic against the more modern glam of some of the decor. :)

Of all shapes and sizes, to be exact. Thanks to my aunt, who scoured bottles from restaurants and local bars, we have TONS of bottles to use as our centerpiece decor. We are spray painting them all pure white and running them down long tables for the reception. Again, the stark white and modern look of the bottles is going to look so neat inside this wood barn. :)

It really is in the details, right? I saw this photo a while back and loved the idea. I am working on my own interpretation of this and will share photos soon. I just love the idea of a personalized drink menu for the bar- something a little special for the guests. :)

And speaking of drinks, this photo gave me such inspiration for our non-alcoholic drink bar. We need a place separate from the regular bar, for kids and adults alike to visit and self-serve some yummy drinks. I made labels for all the jars last night and they turned out lovely. Pictures to come! And what event is complete without those darling striped straws? Mine are of the black and white variety and have cute little green flags adorning them. Can't wait to share more with you!

And in honor of my return to the blogging world, here is a coupon code for you!
Use the code LEAP20 at checkout and receive 20% off your total purchase. :) Today only, so get shopping!!!

Hope to see lots of you readers back here!
It's lovely to be writing here again!

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CharlotteB said...

Hey Mrs, how did it all go? I'm excited to hear the details
Charlotte UK :D

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